See What This Boy Does To Sooth His Sick Dog – So Sweet!

As a mother knows when her child is hurting, physically or emotionally; this young boy also knows when his best friend is hurting.

The seven year old boy had noticed that the family dog, who had been with him since he could remember, was not feeling well, what was he to do?

His mother always comforted him when he was sick or sad, so he took action. He decided to lie on the floor next to his best friend, protector and playmate and sing ‘You are My Sunshine’. He did not want his sunshine to go away and felt that the comfort he could give his furry friend would help to perk him up or at least make him feel better as this is what happened when his momma took care of him.

The love shown for the family pet and the knowledge that the seven year old knew his furry friend was not feeling well, goes to show how animals are a major part of many families. This also shows that the child has been raised with love, compassion and understanding and wants nothing more than his friend to be able to run, catch, play and feel better, soon.

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