See The Whole World On This 119-Day Cruise Around the Globe

See The Whole World On This 119-Day Cruise Around the Globe

A cruise is a popular way to pack a few destinations into your vacation. A typical cruise has stops in a handful of spots, like a few Caribbean islands. If you really want to maximize your vacation, though, you might want to check out a new cruise that will literally let you see the world. The new offering from MSC Cruises lets you see 32 different countries in 119 days.

This adventure of a lifetime has quite the itinerary. After departing from Italy, the ship will stop in France, Spain, and Portugal before heading East across the Atlantic for stops in Puerto Rico, Aruba, and Columbia. Zipping through the Panama Canal, the boat then stops in Los Angeles before heading to Honolulu and then across the Pacific for to New Zealand and Australia. Then it’s on to Singapore and Thailand before heading to Oman, Egypt and Greece before finally returning to Italy. The epic January through May cruise has 48 stops in total. There will also be plenty of cruising days since crossing the globe takes some time. These days will be just as exciting, though, since the luxury vessel is decked out with a swimming pool, entertainment center, spa, stores, and a great selection of restaurants and bars.

Cruisers will only get a few hours at some of the destinations, but other hot spots will give passengers plenty of time to play and explore. Dream destinations like Bora Bora, the Fiji Islands and Hawaii will give passengers more than 12 hours to lounge on the beach, learn to surf or take a walking tour. Many of the destinations feature optional excursions passengers can sign up for, like a trip to a religious monument or a climbing expedition.

Passengers would obviously have to make arrangements to their lives to be able to take off for several months. But how many people can come back from a vacation and say that they were in Spain, Sri Lanka, and St. Maarten? Time off isn’t the only concern; a trip like this also doesn’t come cheap. With rooms starting at around $18,000 (rates are much higher for larger suites or rooms with an ocean view) this trip might not be affordable for everyone. When considering just how much you will be able to see and do on this incredible trip, though, the price tag actually seems like it’s on the low side! Tickets are available now for MSC Voyagers Club Members and will go on sale to the public starting December 14th.

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