See The Deceptive Ways Food Companies Trick You Into Thinking You’re Buying Something Healthy

See The Deceptive Ways Food Companies Trick You Into Thinking You’re Buying Something Healthy

So many labels, so many undefined meanings, this is the confusion consumers are feeling about the foods we eat. “All Natural, Low Sugar” what does this mean to the average American. Most Americans are being tricked into believing that they are buying healthier food for many reasons. Some are deceived by labels on the food they buy, others are tricked by false advertising.

Government food regulators do not have a definition of what “natural” means. For the most part, food processors define “natural” as foods that are minimally processed. What does this mean? Are they putting less salt in the food by one third, one half? Are there dangerous pesticides or antibiotics in the meat?

A study conducted by the University of Houston showed that food brands are using “priming psychology” to misrepresent their products and “fool us into buying them”. Food companies go to many lengths to get us consumers to buy their products. Packaging of all types of food products especially health foods are deceptive at best. Many refer to it as “trickery”.

Packaging sugary snacks as “health food products” is nothing short of trickery, but a new study shows that many of us are falling for it. Currently the food industry is spending 2 billion dollars a year on commercials to get your child to talk you into buying their cereals, cookies and sodas. An example of this are the cereals America buys for their children. The commercials and food boxes say berries and fruit, but the nutritional facts do not mention these fruits.

The powerful food lobbyist groups go to the White House and Congress to fight the Department of Health which is trying to allow voluntary nutritional guides lines for foods marketed toward kids. Soda companies are suing the government because the government and states are trying to keep sodas out of our schools and out of our children’s diets. The food industry says they are trying to be part of the solution, but their language in bills, which they “hijack”, are filled with hidden meanings and definitions about fat, salt and sugar. The hidden language in commercials and labeling are telling a different story. Our children’s current health in this country is telling a different story.

Americans must become more familiar with tactics the food companies are using. Our children are at risk.

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