See How The GOPs Voter Suppression Laws Completely Backfired To Bite Them In Their Own Ass

See How The GOPs Voter Suppression Laws Completely Backfired To Bite Them In Their Own Ass

Little Rock, Arkansas – Laws designed to prevent or deter criminal activity might well be recast with the adjective “suppression”. For example, shoplifting can be reclassified as theft suppression. The same holds true with murder as homicide suppression.

At least that would be the logical extension of the political Left’s branding of voter registration laws as “voter suppression”. The GOP has long maintained that illegal aliens are taking advantage of lackadaisical voter registration laws such as the “motor voter” law to cast votes they have no legal right to cast. While there are other forms of illegal ballots cast, the main problem is alleged to be illegal aliens participating in the electoral process.

The Democrat party has wanted to expand the voter registration laws primarily because they carry the Hispanic vote and by extension stand to benefit from ballots being cast by illegal aliens. To counter this, the GOP has been pushing for tougher laws to ensure only those who are legal citizens of voting age may cast a ballot. Democrats charge that the measures are tantamount to a modern version of their old “Jim Crow” laws.

Now, Leslie Rutledge, GOP candidate for attorney general, has been removed from the upcoming mid-term elections because she failed to properly register to vote in her home district. The GOP charges that Larry Crane, the Democrat county clerk, used the registration laws purely as a political ploy to benefit the Democrat party.

Obviously, politics are behind Crane’s actions. Former President Bill Clinton has been in Arkansas as of late begging voters to not make the mid-term elections a mandate on President Obama. Sadly for Democrats, Obama defiantly stated that the mid-term elections are in fact a referendum on his policies.

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