Scott Walker: Refusing Health Care To Poor People Helps Them ‘Live The American Dream’

Scott Walker: Refusing Health Care To Poor People Helps Them ‘Live The American Dream’

The Heritage Foundation has found that there is a direct correlation between able bodied people receiving food stamp assistance and not working. In 50% of homes where one able bodied person receives food stamp assistance, zero hours are spent working. While it may seem cruel to the political Left to require the poor to work or at least earnestly look for work, the path to the American Dream requires work.

No doubt this is behind Governor Scott Walker’s opposition to accepting the Obamacare Medicaid Expansion. For starters, it has already been demonstrated the depth of deception the Obama administration undertook to get his health care bill passed. The 40% “Cadillac tax” on high quality health care plans was secretly designed to apply to all employer sponsored health care plans within 10 to 14 years. The tax will likely cause most employers to terminate their health insurance plans and force their employees to enroll in Obamacare where they will pay a higher premium and receive less coverage in order to subsidize health care to the poor & unhealthy.

More importantly, Gov. Walker understands what it takes to become self-sufficient: work. The political Left are critical of his principled stand. They insinuate that Walker believes that by simply cutting off Medicaid benefits to the poor, they will achieve the American Dream. Gov. Walker is not cutting benefits. He is merely not accepting an expansion of the Medicaid dole.

The Left ignores the inconvenient truth that Walker’s polices have erased the state’s deficits, produced a surplus, and created a job boom. The governor’s approach is not mean spirited, it is pragmatic. He has ensured the job market is robust for the people of his state to find work. His fellow GOP governors that accepted the Medicaid expansion cannot say they have done the same for their constituents.

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