Scary Footage Of The World’s Most Hazardous Roadway

The Boredom Therapy website contains three pictures and a video of a 5.2 mile stretch of asphalt highway called “the Atlantic Ocean Road.” The roadway connects the residents of Norway’s remote Møre og Romsdale island group with the Scandinavian mainland. Inhabitants of the offshore community must venture across a long bridge and causeway in order to reach other sections of the country.

Pictures posted at the site display a truck crossing the narrow causeway as spray rises upwards from the churning waters below. Another scene depicts a flash of lighting illuminating the sky immediately above a trio of campers; they use the roadway in the distance. A third picture shows a lime green tractor trailer rig crossing over the top of a steeply sloping curved causeway bridge; visible ice and snow dust portions of the surface. A video posted on the site offers several perspectives on the Atlantic Ocean Road.

Portions provide a view from a vehicle moving along the causeway. As windshield wipers hurriedly clear water from the windshield of the vehicle, the churning waters below toss plumes of spray across traveling automobiles. Other sections of the video show visitors crossing the rocky shoreline to look at the causeway and bridge in the distance.

In one segment, a lone visitor walks carefully onto the observation bridge adjoining a portion of the road, in order to lean against the metal rail and contemplate the heaving waters below. The video definitely conveys a sense of the power of the surrounding ocean.

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