Samsung Washing Machines Recalled – High Explosion Risk!

What’s going on at Samsung Electronics? A few months ago Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphone because it was prone to overheat and explode. There were dozens of reported cases of exploding phones, and the problem was eventually linked to battery failure.

All in all, over 1 million smartphones were recalled. Samsung garnered a lot of unwanted media attention. However, it now appears that exploding smartphones is only the beginning of Samsung’s problems.

It was recently reported that Samsung is recalling 3 million washing machines because of an exploding risk. According to federal regulators, the drum of the machine easily loses its balance when heavy, bulky items are washed on high speed.

When the drum loses its balance, excessive vibrations can cause the lid to violently pop off. Samsung was hit with a class action lawsuit over the exploding washing machines when a Texas customer complained that the lid had exploded like a bomb and damaged the wall of her garage.

Samsung is currently offering customers free in-home repair or a rebate to put towards a new washer. It’s safe to say, however, that the South Korean company’s reputation is muddied. No amount of white washing can change that.

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