SA Baby In His Class Started Crying, How This Professor Responds Had Me Cheering!

SA Baby In His Class Started Crying, How This Professor Responds Had Me Cheering!

Professor Sydney Engelberg is has been at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem for many years, and with good reason. While his lectures lean towards teaching values and leadership, he also believes that these traits are taught through example.

During lectures, the professor allows students to bring their children to class and even breastfeed if necessary. While many parents would be embarrassed if their child cried out during a lecture, this professor does not pay any mind to it. When a child cried out during class, he simply picked the child up and began soothing the infant while continuing on with his class.

While Professor Engelberg, 45, was holding the child, his students began snapping pictures and posting them to social media sites everywhere. For good reason, the photos went viral. The professor is being praised by parents and students everywhere because of his out of the box thinking. Some parents are even calling him a modern day superhero because he is taking a stand for what is right, and teaching future generations how important education is as opposed to the importance of a quiet classroom.

Professor Engelberg’s actions have influenced parents everywhere to stand up for their children, and to stand up for what is right. By giving parents a glimmer of hope, he is also teaching his students that there is no uniform learning environment. A classroom is what you make of it, and he has made his classroom a place for students of all ages to learn many principles.

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