Robert Downey Jr. Nervous To Sing With Sting – When He Begins, Though, Everyone Is Stunned!

Robert Downey Jr. is well-known for his portrayal of Iron Man, but but people have recently learned that he possesses another skill. The charismatic actor sang with Sting at Sting’s 60th birthday performance at the Beacon Theater in New York. The celebration took place in October of 2011, but the video has only recently surfaced on YouTube and has gone viral.

At the time, Downey Jr. would have been promoting his second Sherlock Holmes Film. Sting performed with famous artists such as Lady Gaga, Herbie Hancock, and Bruce Springsteen for his birthday that night. However, the real surprise of the evening took place with Robert Downey, Jr. took the stage with Sting and belted out “Driven to Tears,” a 1980 track by the Police.

In the video, Downey Jr. appears nervous to sing at first, but as soon as he opens his mouth to sing, it’s easy to see that he had nothing to worry about. Sting accompanied him with guitar music and backup vocals, and the result was a great performance. Downey’s voice sounds incredible in the video, and it’s clear that Robert Downey Jr. is an amazingly talented individual. His voice is a perfect combination of beauty and gruffness, and he ended up looking cool, calm, and collected on stage by the end of the number.

This performance was not the first time that Sting and Downey Jr. performed together. The pair sang “Every Breath You Take” during the fourth season of 90’s hit show, Ally McBeal. It was Robert Downey, Jr. who was credited with inviting Sting to perform ont he show as a special guest. Ally McBeal actress Vonda Shepard informed ABC News that Robert and Sting are great friends.

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