Ricky Martin To Donald Trump ‘Your heart is filled with hate and ignorance’

Ricky Martin  To Donald Trump ‘Your heart is filled with hate and ignorance’

Every presidential election we’re bound to see some rather interesting candidates. This time around, the most recent spotlight stealer has been Donald Trump, who’s running on the Republican side of the political spectrum. The real estate mogul has finally decided to run after decades of toying with the idea, but just as soon as he got started, his campaign has been wrought with disaster.

In a ghastly speech made recently by Trump on his stance on Mexico, he accused our neighboring country of bringing rapists, drug dealers, and crime into our nation. He then claimed to have spoken with border guards, which is where he got his intelligence from.

This ignorant speech spiked major controversy in just a short time, with Macy’s, the PGA, and Univision withdrawing their support for the hot-headed presidential candidate. More specifically, Ricky Martin has pulled his annual charity golf tournament from Trump’s golf club, stating that his heart is filled with hate and ignorance. The Latin music icon that we’ve come to love since the 90’s isn’t alone in his shock.

The entire Republican Party is trying to cover their bases, but how can they when Trump clearly can’t think before he speaks? With the spike in controversy, will Trump legitimately run for president or will his own party ceremoniously throw him out on the street before he gets the chance?

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