Republicans Panick As Rumors Hint At Michelle Obama Senate Run

Republicans Panick As Rumors Hint At Michelle Obama Senate Run

As if Hillary Clinton running for President of the United States isn’t enough, Republicans are now worried that Michelle Obama might be running for Senate. There have been rumors spreading across Capitol Hill and in other areas of the country as Michelle is entertaining the run for the office.

This is not what Republicans need as Michelle is a woman of change. She is a woman who would likely want to get things done and wouldn’t be in a position to take no for an answer. She would have the support of Clinton and her husband during her bid. Some members of the Democratic National Committee are printing bumper stickers and buttons with Michelle’s name on them.

Some of the speeches that Michelle Obama has given lately have been more about politics. This could be an indication that she has her eyes set on being a Senator. There has been no formal indication that she plans to run, but the signs are there that she could be thinking about the option.

She is a woman who is more than qualified for the job as she graduated from Princeton and Harvard Law School. Many people enjoy listening to Michelle Obama speak and have positive thoughts of her time in the White House.

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