Republican Senator Tom Cotton May Have Just Committed Treason… FOR THE SECOND TIME!!

Republican Senator Tom Cotton May Have Just Committed Treason… FOR THE SECOND TIME!!

Junior Republican Senator Tom Cotton first took office in January. Recently he made headlines with his acts of transgression towards the Obama administration.

Senator Tom Cotton was in Israel – far from his home state of Arkansas – when he met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During his visit Cotton committed treason when he kissed the ring of the foreign head-of-state. Afterwards, he swore a pledge of allegiance to Israel. He vowed to stand by Israel during the voting for the Iran nuclear deal that Obama has proposed.

The deal is supported among most Democrats in the Senate, with Republicans staunchly opposing it. But what’s new? Republicans feel like the deal is too merciful on the Iranian government. Cotton and other republicans would like to see the U.S. go to war with Iran instead of diplomatically resolving the issue. Because first of all, we haven’t had enough wars in the Middle East, and Secondly because violence is always a better way to solve our problems… Right?

Democrats are scrambling for support of the Iran deal. Republicans have enough members of the House to vote it down and keep our nation spiraling in this whirlpool of inaction America has recently been stuck in. But were Cotton’s actions against the president treasonous?

Yes. According to US Code Chapter 115, he did.  Most appallingly though, is that this is not the first time he has done so. In March, he wrote a letter to Iran telling them that if a Republican were to become President the GOP would not abide by the deal. The letter enclosed the signatures of 46 Republican members of the Senate.

Americans are now calling on the U.S. government to bring any warranted charges against the Senator. And rightly so, too. Anyone who’s got the nerve to step into office and betray America the beautiful TWICE deserves to get the full punishment of our lady justice.

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