Rarely Do I Cry, But What This Fallen Soldier’s Dog Does At His Funeral Made Me LOSE It

The upcoming film “Max” chronicles the story of a German Shepherd that was specially trained to work as a soldier alongside Marine Kyle Wincott.

The intensity of the training and the trauma they experiences together led to an ironclad bond, and when Kyle was killed in action in Afghanistan, Max was inconsolable. Suffering from anguish over his experiences and the loss of his best friend, he joined Kyle’s grieving family so that they could find solace in each other.

This movie explores the phenomenon of precision-trained military dogs and the rigors that they endure. It details the types of training they receive and emphasizes that dogs of many types are capable of doing this kind of work. Breed and size are not nearly as important as hard work and determination.

In addition to offering this background, though, the film tells a very personal story about love and loss. It focuses especially on how Max helps Kyle’s younger brother Justin adjust to the gaping hole in his family – and how Justin helps Max. The film covers some very difficult subject matter and depicts an emotionally anguished journey, but it is nonetheless a heartwarming film about sacrifice and finding strength in love after a tragedy.

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