Random Men Walk Into A McDonalds And Start Signing. But What Happens A Minute Later? I’m CRYING

There are all sorts of proposal videos online. Especially with the dawn of sites such as YouTube, people can now more easily than ever share this special moment in their lives with the entire world. However, this video might be one of the most touching that anyone has ever seen. Both of the individuals involved have Down syndrome.

Salvatore is proposing to his girlfrieand, Caterina. The video start off with an a capella group going into the McDonald’s where she works. They are singing “Come Away With Me” by Norah Jones. Salvatore then comes to the front of the crowd and gets down on one knee for Caterina.

However, this proposal is somewhat unique in that he is not proposing marriage, but just that they live together. It is stated in the video how important it is for people with this disorder to be independent. The video says, “For people with Down syndrome, independence means a brighter future.” In lieu of an engagement ring, he presents a house key, and she joyfully accepts it.

The 10th anniversary of world Down Syndrome Day is March 21, 2015. This video was released right before this date. The Down Syndrome International has a goal of creating “a very loud single global voice for advocating for the rights, inclusion and well being of people with Down syndrome.” Because of more awareness among the public and higher quality resources, more adults with this disorder are living independently in the United States, like Salvatore and Caterina.

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