Rachel Maddow DRILLS Donald Trump Exposing His Veterans Speech As Phony Stage Performance…

Rachel Maddow DRILLS Donald Trump Exposing His Veterans Speech As Phony Stage Performance…

The recent Republican debate was extremely entertaining, and millions of people around the world tuned in to see what the GOP/the Donald Trump had to say. The debate was pretty hilarious, and there were even some great points made by a few of the candidates. But of course, Donald Trump was the star of the event. But it seems like the GOP masses are starting to turn on their forerunner. As well they should.

Not too long ago, Donald Trump gave a speech aboard the USS Iowa and revealed several key elements of his Foreign Policy. But even though words came out of his mouth in an apparently coherent manner, they carried no meaning. He didn’t address anything of true import. Many politicians are pointing their fingers at the Trump, but predictably his biggest critic is MSNBC contributor Rachel Maddow. In a recent episode of her own show, Maddow bashed the Donald Trump stating that he looked out of place on a Military Battleship. I agree. Like a hairy potato on a circuit board.

However, many Republicans feel that Donald Trump’s USS Iowa speech was one of his best to date. Even Maddow acknowledged that Donald Trump attended a Military themed prep school in the 1960s. But she also exposes this speech for the phony TV staging that it really is. Check out the Video here. 

Despite all of this furious criticism Donald Trump continues to do frustratingly well in the polls. Trump has sure said some outlandish things in recent weeks, but there hasn’t been this much excitement and controversy in the Republican Party in years. The masses are eating it up. Like the old GOP got their hands on some fire Donaldtrumpamine and is shooting up, blasting off, getting ready to party!… And perhaps ready to fail. We can only hope.

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