Rachel Maddow Delivers Some of Trump’s Tax Returns

Rachel Maddow Delivers Some of Trump’s Tax Returns

For the entire campaign cycle until today, there has been no end to the excuses from President Donald Trump concerning whether or not he will release his tax returns. The reasons given have ranged from a variety of excuses to the eventual admittance that the returns would not be released simply because he does not believe that there is anyone who cares about his tax returns.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow has announced, however, an end to the excuses with her revelation that she is in possession of these returns. Additionally, she has every intent to expose the information contained within on her show, which will be airing this evening at 9PM ET / 6 PM PDT in the hopes of granting the American public with the answers she belives they do in fact want, and deserve.

While President Trump used the excuse that no one cares about these returns to avoid releasing them, polls show that is not the case with 3/4 of those polled saying that they would like to be able to see what is contained in the returns. There are a variety of reasons people have expressed an interest, ranging from questions about whether or not Donald Trump did in fact pay all required taxes to the continued search for accused ties to the Russian Federation. Both of these questions could be answered or resolved with a peek into the until now hidden returns.

It will be interesting to tune into Rachel’s show and see what exactly she has in her hands, as she was not especially clear on what returns she is in possession of. When making her announcement, she referred to the returns as only Trump tax returns and was not specific about whether or not they were President Donald Trump’s personal tax records or alternatively those of his children or of his Organization. Regardless of the specifics, it is apparent that Rachel Maddow will do her best to answer some of the American public’s two year old questions.

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