Puppy Doesn’t Understand He Walked Into A Fountain – This Is What Heppens When It Turns On…

Puppy Doesn’t Understand He Walked Into A Fountain – This Is What Heppens When It Turns On…

During the “dog days” of summer, even our furry friends can come up with some pretty creative ways to beat the heat. Some dogs enjoy playing in backyard sprinklers or kiddie pools set out by their thoughtful owners. But what this city dog decides to do to stay hydrated may be one of the cutest and most hysterical examples of a pooch enjoying some summer fun in the water!

When this lovable pet and his owner entered the grounds of a museum in Brooklyn, NY, they may not have realized how exciting their day was about to become. The surrounding crowd probably didn’t know what an entertaining treat they were in for either! There in front of the museum was a delightful fountain just begging to be explored.

When he first stepped onto the museum fountain, it’s likely that this playful pup didn’t realize huge sprays of water were about to come up out of the ground beneath his feet. When they do, he does what any energetic canine would do–he goes nuts! He runs to and fro, leaping high into the air, and putting on a show that would rival that of any specially-trained canine in the entertainment industry! Best of all, he can stay cool as well as satisfy his thirst whenever he likes throughout his amazing performance.

Dogs have a glorious history on the internet of showing enthusiasm for playing in water fountains. Whether they be in private backyards or in public parks, the internet is teeming with videos of darling dogs who can’t get enough of frolicking through streaming jets of water. This video is certainly another one in that distinguished genre of funny pet videos that deserves special attention for maximum cuteness!

As this precious pooch soars through the air while attempting to capture the elusive sprays of water, the crowd goes wild! They are amazed at both his agility and his comical antics. With an awesome owner who cares about providing a playful water experience for his furry friend, we’re confident that this lucky dog has a happy home.

Enjoy watching this unforgettable puppy reach for the stars as he plays in this fountain. It will definitely put a smile on your face and brighten your day! Feel free to SHARE this hilarious video with anyone who loves dogs, loves summer, or loves playing in the water to cool off in the summertime!

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