Psychologists: “People Who Cry a Lot Have A Unique Personality Trait”

Psychologists: “People Who Cry a Lot Have A Unique Personality Trait”

Different people have different ways of expressing emotion or coping with stress. Some people cry frequently, even when there’s nothing particularly sad or stressful going on. Other people don’t seem to cry at all, even when there’s been some type of drama or trauma. If you’re the former and find yourself crying often, it’s nothing to worry about – some psychologists have found that it could actually point to a unique part of your personality.

First of all, crying is healthy. It’s normal and completely fine to cry sometimes or even regularly. Additionally, some experts have found that crying – while it may make you feel weak – actually shows strength. It can point to a person’s resilience.

In the early 80s, the American Psychological Association conducted a study that found that people feel relief after crying, especially if they were crying over something sad or stressful. Ultimately, today’s psychologists feel that crying can be a way of coping with and lessening grief. On the other hand, keeping your emotions inside without letting loose once in a while can cause serious psychological damage down the line. While crying can feel like it’s zapping your energy, it actually gets out the negativity you’re feeling and can leave you feeling refreshed.

There are a lot of people who have trouble being vulnerable, especially in front of others. If you don’t mind crying when other people are around, that means that you aren’t concerned with what they think. Plus, people don’t mind being around a person who’s crying as much as you think. A mid-1960s study showed that people don’t act negatively toward a person who’s crying, but instead become more compassionate.

There are a ton of different reasons why a person might cry: because their hormones are fluctuating, because they’re angry, because they’ve suffered a loss, because their blood sugar has dropped… Even happy things, like a good memory or a feeling of nostalgia, can bring on the tears. Whatever the reason for crying, doing so means you’re not afraid of your emotions. You’re happy to confront your feelings instead of burying them inside.

When the people who are close to you see that you’re not afraid to cry, it shows them that you’re connected to your feelings, honest and open. If you and someone you love happens to get bad news, opening up first and crying gives them permission to face their feelings too. Breaking through walls like that can create a stronger and more meaningful relationship.

Experts feel that crying is an incredibly healthy way of dealing with and expressing feelings. It can improve mood, get rid of stress and help you connect with people. There’s no need to force the tears back in – if you feel like you need to cry, let it out.

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