Psychologists Find People Who Cry a Lot Have A Very Unique Personality Trait

Psychologists Find People Who Cry a Lot Have A Very Unique Personality Trait

When people think about individuals who cry a lot, many formulate some erroneous judgments based on either a lack of facts, or information that possibly is not accurate. While there are some factors that can generate a level of sadness that makes a person feel like crying all the time – factors that may signal a need for professional attention – sometimes there are unique positive personality traits in play.

People cry for a variety of reasons. Some of the reasons are psychological, but many are the result of physiological issues such as a hormonal imbalance, or even low blood sugar levels. Sometimes figuring out the exact reason we feel compelled to cry can be difficult. But, there are equally as many positively unique aspects of our personality that might be the reason we believe that crying is acceptable.

In many cultures, especially among the male species, it is deemed a weakness to cry. Crying alone in private is one thing, but to wear your emotions on your sleeve – becoming teary eyed no matter how intense the emotions of the situation – people mistakenly assume that to be a sign of weakness.

To the contrary, being able to freely express all your emotions, especially intense moments that make a person feel like crying, can be a symbol of personal inner strength. Not caring that other people see you cry may be a strong signal that you have solid self-esteem; unwavering in the display of your emotions.

Besides having enough self-confidence to not feel controlled by what others think about displays of emotion, people who cry a lot – especially in front of other people – are clearly not inhibited by their feelings. Many times crying is seen as a sense of psychological weakness, when in fact it may well point to an inner strength that provides the person with the ability to freely confront their emotions.

Crying is normally associated with sad emotions, and sadness is often the most difficult emotion for people to accept. If you can cry when you’re overwhelmed with emotion, it may be that you possess an inner strength in your personality that allows you to freely deal with all kinds of emotions – both sad and happy.

Finally, if emotions can be expressed freely by crying it indicates to other people a level of personal truthfulness and open honesty. When someone cries in front of other people without a strong sense of embarrassment, it is as if they have let go of any predisposed notion they need to put up some kind of an emotional front.

Being able to cry reveals to others a genuine sense of openness. Openness is a valued characteristic that establishes a level of bonding between people. If you can cry around your friends, your friends will be keen to the idea that they can trust you, a trait that can be an excellent building block for a vibrant friendship.

So, just because someone has a tendency to cry a lot that does not make him or her a bad person. In fact, people who can cry freely are often psychologically well grounded, have a strong sense of their own emotions and often make the most trusted friends.

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