Pro-Life Supporters Falsified Planned Parenthood Tapes Just Received Some Very Bad News

Pro-Life Supporters Falsified Planned Parenthood Tapes Just Received Some Very Bad News

Back in July, the Center for Medical Progress, an organization with ties to a number of Christian anti-abortion groups, released several videos that purported to be the result of a sting operation on Planned Parenthood.

While only a tiny percentage of Planned Parenthood’s funding goes toward abortions, these videos allegedly provide “disturbing evidence” that the organization sells the limbs and organs of aborted babies on the black market. What’s more, these videos make it appear as though people from Planned Parenthood have been pressuring mothers to have abortions so that they can cash in. The graphic videos shocked and offended many, but in the months since, skeptics have started poking some very serious holes in the alleged evidence.

The National Abortion Foundation is especially keen to discredit the Center for Medical Progress – if Planned Parenthood is forced to shut down or to stop performing abortions, women, especially those living in poverty, are much more likely to resort to unsafe methods. It’s like marijuana – people are going to smoke it either way, but if it’s legal it can be regulated and safe, and even taxed! The legal option is always the better one when it comes to circumstances like this. Best to just leave it to the professionals

Now the people behind those videos are on trial to determine whether they falsified evidence. If the Center for Medical Progress created phony footage condemning Planned Parenthood, its members could be in BIG trouble. Curiously, despite insisting they have nothing to hide, they have stated their intention to plead the fifth in court.

The judge has ordered them to testify about their involvement, one way or another, the truth surrounding these troubling videos will emerge. And it may be very bad news for CMP… Good riddance.

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