Pregnant Mother Works 2 Jobs To Feed Family – Then Her Boss Makes A Big Change To Her Paycheck:

Marcus Lemonis, the self-made millionaire of the hit CNBC show “The Profit” loans out his own money to help struggling businesses get back on track and turn a profit. In all of his years of running a business Lemonis has learned one very important lesson that he passes on to his clients. You must treat your employees with high regard if you want to see your business grow and be productive.

In 2015, Lemonis was introduced to Tami Forbes. She was the store manager for the Key West Kew Lime Pie Company. But, Forbes was heavily underpaid at just $300 a week. She had 8-year-old twins at home and another baby soon on the way. To supplement her income, Forbes also worked as a bartender. She spent hours on her feet and still barely paid her bills.

It did not take long for Lemonis to realize how valuable Forbes was to the company, doing everything from their marketing to the inventory. He called her in one day to give her a big surprise.

Lemonis stressed to Forbes how important she was to the company’s future success. He needed her to help him get several things done before she left on maternity leave. He also knew the Forbes was very worried about missing that income. Lemonis wrote Forbes a check to cover six months of her pay while she was on leave with her baby.

Forbes was shocked and began to tear up, but that was not the end of his surprise. Lemonis then told her that when she returned he would be raising her pay to $1000 a week. She would be fully in charge of that location at that time. She could now concentrate on her job and not worry so much about money. You can believe that Lemonis received a giant hug of gratitude from Forbes.

Many women in the United States do not get any paid maternity leave or they receive a minimal amount of their pay. At a time when a woman is welcoming a life into this world, she should not have to worry about money.

Here is one business man that understands how important peace of mind for a new mother is and recognizes her value as an employee. Lemonis not only builds a business back up but he shows America how to be a compassionate leader and the rewards that come back in spades.

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