Pour A Bucket Of Hot Water Into The Toilet And The Result Will Blow Your Mind

If you find yourself in the horrible position of having a clogged toilet with no plunger on hand, fear not.

There is a surprisingly easy hack that will unclog your toilet without the hassle of plunging, and even leave the john cleaner than when you started! Just follow these 6 easy steps to a magically unclogged toilet:

1) Line the base of a toilet with a few old towels to catch any accidental spillage.
2) Pour one cup of dish liquid into the toilet bowl. Whatever you have in the kitchen will do.
3) Turn your tap on to as hot as it can go, and fill up a bucket or large pot. Pour the hot water into the toilet. Fill the bowl as high as you can without overflowing the toilet.
4) Wait, and let the magic happen. After about 15-20 minutes, the detergent will soak into and around the clog. This will lubricate the pipes and allow the clog to free up.
5) After 20 minutes, the water level will have sunk, but don’t flush the toilet just yet. Refill the toilet bowl with one more bucket of hot water then flush.
6) Enjoy your unclogged and freshly cleaned toilet!

It is that easy! Don’t waste your time messing around with toiled scrubbers or spray bottles – try this next time you need to clean your bowl and be amazed!

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