Popular Dem. Congressman Accuses His Own Party Of “Laundering Money In Favor Of Major Donors”

A recent video is sure to cause some dissent among ranking members of the Democratic party. In the video, Democratic congressman Alan Grayson of Florida issues a condemnation of the Democratic party by raising an accusation that the Dems are engaged in money laundering on behalf of some of their major donors. The accusations come at a difficult time as Hillary Clinton, the party’s nominee for President of the United States, struggles against allegations that the Clinton Foundation took money in exchange for access to Hillary Clinton when she was the United States Secretary of State.

Grayson is no stranger to rocking the political boat. Throughout his entire career Grayson has repeatedly targeted corporate interests in an effort to remove their political influence. The congressman also endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders during the primaries and has spoken out against Clinton on several occasions. No one, however, could have expected what Grayson would do in a recent interview with Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks.

Grayson dropped a bomb when he was asked about the challenges that could present themselves during his upcoming Senate campaign.

“Corporate interests throw their money around even now in Democratic primaries. And the party has become a tool for that kind of manipulation.”

Grayson then went after his Democratic opponent, Florida Representative Patrick Murphy, in a very direct way, referencing the fact that Murphy had changed his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat and was receiving money from the Dems in an effort to hand Grayson a defeat. Grayson stated that the Democratic party had contributed a million dollars to Murphy’s campaign, and he finished by calling Murphy a “corporate” Democrat.

What Grayson suggested in the interview is that major donors to the Democratic party are using their donations as a way to launder money and gain political influence. The party cannot be happy with this interview given the cloud that currently hangs over the Clinton Foundation. Party leaders are always concerned about down ballot races during a presidential election year, and these statements from Grayson may be an indication that many down ballot candidates are losing confidence in their presidential candidate’s ability to bring them votes. Grayson was even willing to admit that many voters feel as though they have been disenfranchised by corporate interests, and pointed out that his campaign, much like that of Sanders, is being funded by small donors, most of whom contribute $200 or less.

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