Pope Warns, Rise of White Nationalism Could Lead to a Modern Hitler

Pope Warns, Rise of White Nationalism Could Lead to a Modern Hitler

Pope Francis warns the world that fresh, brutal dictatorships are possible if white nationalism goes unabated. There was no specific mention of President Trump or any other national leader. Historical precedence is the reason for his concern. Conditions ripen for a white national leader to emerge into power throughout the world, particularly in Europe.

When answering a question posed by a Spanish report about hatred toward foreigners and xenophobia, the Pope referenced populism. The understanding of the Pope’s definition of populism is a political platform based on white nationalism. Pope Francis uses historical crisis causing a lack of judgment as a constant remember.

The Pope granted EL PAIS newspaper a long Vatican interview on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. In the interview, he referred to the European example of populism that occurred in Germany in 1933. Germany was broken after a 1930 crisis and in need of a leader who had the ability to restore Germany’s identity and character. Adolf Hitler became the surmised leader.

Pope Francis pointed out the most destructive leaders were placed in power through elections of the people before committing heinous atrocities. Hitler’s power came from a vote of the people. In return, he destroyed those people. It seems non-coincidental that remarks made about European nationalism and racist politics came on the day President Trump took office.

The Trump campaign had a right-wing populism base. Pope Francis saw President Trumps’s campaign promises of deporting undocumented immigrants and a massive wall on the border as unchristian. Pope Francis refused the Spanish newspaper’s request for an opinion of President Trump in this early stage of his term of office.

The Pope has no desire to be a prophet of doom. Instead, Pope Francis told President Trump, shortly after his oath of office, that he was in the Holy Father’s prayers. He advised making decisions guided by the rich ethical and spiritual values that shaped American history and the nation’s commitment to advancing human freedom and dignity worldwide.

The campaign of Marine Le Pen, to replace French President Francois Hollande is very similar to President Trump’s campaign. Le Pen wants a ban on immigration from Middle Eastern nations to France. She campaigned against Islam following Paris terrorist attacks. She is thought to be a leading contender in the upcoming election this year.

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