Police Issue Warning Of Suspicious Halloween Candy

Every year it seems that someone tries to add a few extra items in with the candy that is given to children. Police officers in Ohio recently gave residents a message about Halloween candy and some of the things to look for in suspicious packages.

The warning is about a candy called Lemonheads. This is a yellow candy in the shape of a ball and is very sour. The candy often comes in single pieces in small plastic wrappers.

Police Issue Warning Of Suspicious Halloween Candy

Officers want people to know that there are possibly some people who are opening the packages ever so slightly, allowing for the candy to have other products placed inside. The candy inside the packages that have been opened looks a little distorted instead of the round ball that it’s supposed to look like. The warning has been sent to viewers on social media sites.

Some people aren’t as concerned as others because the candy has a tendency to melt, altering the look of it while it’s in the package. However, officers want parents to be on the safe side and inspect all types of candy that children receive so that they have an enjoyable holiday with their family and friends instead of one that leads to a trip to the hospital.

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