Police Chief Forced To Resign After Doing The Unfathomable To A Puppy In The Woods

Police Chief Forced To Resign After Doing The Unfathomable To A Puppy In The Woods

Andrew Spencer, who lives in Sparta, MO, recently resigned from being the police chief after having murdered a lost puppy. Andrew discovered the puppy outside his home and put the small animal in his car, drove to the gun range and shot the puppy in cold blood. He then dumped the body in a sludge field.

Spencer tried to justify his actions in court by stating, that he originally planned to take the puppy to a veterinarian, but he received a phone call about a car accident. So he decided to murder the puppy in cold blood… What? I mean, I don’t know much about police work, but murdering a helpless little puppy doesn’t ever seem like something that solves a problem.

Spencer also stated that the puppy was aggressive. However, the dog’s former owner, Elizabeth Womack, does not believe this for a second. She stated that Chase was a very friendly dog, and that she and her family had looked all over town for the dog after it went missing. She askedSpencer about the puppy, but he would not tell her the truth at first but after a while he admitted that he had killed and buried the puppy, and offered to return the puppy’s body to Elizabeth.

This act was homicidal. There’s no excusing puppy murder in the first degree and it is sad that an American police officer would choose to stoop so low and be so dark. For this one dog he murdered and was caught for, how many more did he use for target practice and get away with? It is a damn good thing this scum-sucker resigned from his office, people like this should be kept far, FAR away from legal authority and firearms.

If Elizabeth would have not been persistent in asking what happened to her puppy, then Spencer would probably still be the police chief. Many people were happy to see that Spencer had resigned, I consider myself amongst them.

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