Playboy Playmate Ridiculed Naked Woman On Social Media, Now Under Investigation By LAPD

Dani Mathers, from Malibu, California, is the blonde who was crowned Playmate of the Year at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, receiving $100,000 and a year-long lease on a Mini Cooper convertible. The 28-year-old Jewish-Italian, before being crowned Playboy’s most prestigious honor, had also been named Playboy’s Cyber Girl as well as the Playmate of the Month for May 2014.

Mathers is an actress who appeared in the movie “Neighbors,” “Thrilling Contradictions,” and in the TV show “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

The 56th woman to be named Playmate of the Year loves to cook, and would frequently post her creations on her Instagram account.

However, posting photos on Instagram has come to an end, because Dani Mathers did something that not only destroyed her reputation but caused her to delete her Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Inside an L. A. Fitness locker room, Mathers photographed an unsuspecting naked woman who was changing. Then, she posted the photo to her Snapchat account and body shamed the woman with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.” Next to the photo was a second photo, this time of Mathers with her hand over her mouth laughing and mocking the woman.

Her actions caused a firestorm of criticism from the public on all of her social media accounts where thousands and thousands of fiery complaints were thrown at the Playboy model. Amid the controversy, the photos were removed. However, screenshots remained and the fall-out deepened. Mathers was banned for life from all L. A. Fitness clubs, and she was suspended indefinitely from her gig on the Heidi and Frank radio show.

Mathers tried to apology in a public video posted to Snapchat. She claimed the photos were accidentally shared because she’s new to Snapchat and that the photos were meant as part of a private conversation. Her efforts, however, backfired. Few saw the apology as sincere but merely a way to try and gain favor with the public.

Now, there’s even more trouble for Mathers. Not only has the public labeled her a “body shamer,” the LAPD sexual assault division is looking into an “illegal distribution” report sent to the department by staff from the L. A. Fitness gym where the photos were taken. Whether Mathers faces jail time remains to be seen. In the meantime, there’s a petition calling for Mathers to be arrested for invasion of privacy. The petition has at least 20,000 signatures.

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