Pixar’s New Short Film ‘Piper’ – Downright Adorable And the Animated Masterfully!

Pixar has done it again. The company is known for its exemplary animation and heartwarming stories and they have created another masterpiece. If you have ever seen a Pixar movie in theaters, you know that they play a short film before each feature length picture. And if you saw ‘Finding Dory’ in theaters this past summer, then you have already experienced this outstanding piece of work.

‘Piper’ tells the story of a young sandpiper who must learn to overcome her fear of the ocean and find her own food along the shore. With the help of a few friendly hermit crabs, the little bird is able to face the new and scary world and grows because of her experience.

The film preaches the importance of being resourceful and self sufficient. The stunning visuals are incredibly realistic. Not to mention how cute the whole thing is.

This newest film, written and directed by Alan Barillaro, is arguably Pixar’s best work yet. If you happened to miss it this summer, you are in luck! The film is streaming online for free. Whether you have seen it before or this is your first time, do yourself a favor and watch the short film here.

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