Pit Bull Patietly Waits His Turn In Line For Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

Pit Bull Patietly Waits His Turn In Line For Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

Pit bulls have a dubious reputation at best, but that reputation is not a true reflection of the breed. Many people have formed opinions about pit bulls that are based on negative stereotypes that are perpetuated by movies, television, and the media. They are also famously used in dog fighting, which causes many people to feel timid around the breed. However, people fail to realize that pit bulls, just like all dogs, are capable of being calm or vicious, depending on how they are raised. A dog that is treated poorly is going to have a greater tendency toward violence, regardless of the breed. The same holds true for a dog that is treated well. There is no inherent violence in the pit bull breed, and one video is solid proof of that.

The woman who owns the pit bull featured in this video is a warrior for the truth about pit bulls. She made this video to showcase her pit bull in a way that most people don’t get to see from the breed. They happen to be lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that has an ice cream truck serving the area. The dog became familiar with the music that the truck played when it was nearby, and he learned that music meant that he was about to get a treat. His master has trained him well, however, so the dog is patient and gentle the entire time.

The video starts off with a still shot of the ice cream truck. The ice cream man is serving another customer, and the pit bull comes running up the street and pauses behind the first customer. He keeps staring back and forth between the ice cream man and his approaching master, who is still coming from off camera. As the pit bull’s master reaches the dog, who is sitting a few feet behind the customer, the ice cream man hands the lady her two vanilla cones and she goes on her way. The pit bull’s tail starts waging fiercely, and he knows it is almost his turn.

The pit bull’s master pulls a few bills from her pocket to pay the ice cream man for the single cone. The pit bull is trying to contain his excitement, but he can’t remain seated. His tail is waging so hard that his entire backside is swinging back and forth. Another customer had approached by now, so the woman takes her pit bull off to the side of the truck and places the ice cream cone in front of his face. The pit bull scarfs the cone down as quickly as he can, clearly giving himself a brain freeze in the process. He finishes off the cone, and his master leads him away from the truck.

This is the type of video that needs to be shared again and again if pit bull owners wish to break the stigma associated with their breed. Pit bulls continue to have a bad reputation because of the dangers touted by those who have never owned a pit bull, yet they feel qualified to make claims about how the breed is designed for fighting, and how they can’t possibly make good pets because they are biologically destined for violence.

The truth is completely different. Rescued pit bulls are some of the most timid animals in existence, especially if they are rescued from dog fighting rings. Pit bull owners need to start capturing the best moments of their pets so that others will have more evidence on which to base their opinions. Only then will the breed’s reputation change. Check out the video here!

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