Pimp Admits Donald Trump Raped 12-Year-Old Girl and Threatened To Kill Witnesses

Pimp Admits Donald Trump Raped 12-Year-Old Girl and Threatened To Kill Witnesses

Win or lose the election, Donald Trump may be facing charges of statutory rape stemming from his association with wealthy convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. A woman using the legal pseudonym “Jane Doe” filed charges in June claiming that Trump raped her repeatedly at Epstein’s parties in 1994, when she was 13. Jane Doe also claims that she saw Trump engage in sexual acts with another girl, aged 12. Another woman who witnessed the scene says that Trump threatened the girls to ensure their silence, including threatening to have their families killed.

According to Jane Doe, she attended four of Epstein’s parties and had sexual relations with Trump at each of them. At the fourth one, she says, Trump forcibly raped her, struck her, and threatened her and her family if she told anyone about what had happened. She was also allegedly sexually and physically abused by Epstein.

Jane Doe also says in her testimony that after Trump raped her at the fourth party, he struck her and threatened her and her family. Trump allegedly said that if she said anything, he could make her disappear like “Maria,” another girl who had been brought to Epstein’s parties and who had been sexually abused by Trump. Jane Doe says that Maria was 12 at the time of the supposed abuse.

Jane Doe’s suit names two other witnesses, “Joan Doe” and “Tiffany Doe,” who are also protected by pseudonyms. Joan Doe and Tiffany Doe worked as “party planners” for Epstein. Part of their work involved procuring girls for Epstein’s parties with promises of money and contacts in the modeling industry. The lawsuit includes a statement from Tiffany Doe, saying that she witnessed sexual contact between Trump and Jane Doe, and between Trump and Maria.

This is the second time Jane Doe has filed charges against Trump. Her first suit, filed in California, was thrown out due to a clerical error. It is not clear whether the lawsuit will be allowed to proceed, because the statute of limitations has expired. Federal judge Ronnie Abrams has called for a status conference on December 16 to determine if the lawsuit is valid.

Epstein, a billionaire who has allegedly exploited children for decades, was convicted on a single count of child abuse in 2008. He received a 13-month sentence, which caused controversy at the time for its leniency. Epstein is well-connected in New York City’s upper crust, and was known for socializing extensively, including with both Trump and the Clintons. He pleaded the Fifth Amendment when asked if he had ever been involved with Donald Trump and underage girls.

The full text of Jane Doe’s lawsuit is available on Scribd.

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