Pick The Perfect Watermelon: 5 AWESOME Tips From An Expert Farmer

The taste of a fresh, juicy watermelon automatically says “summer” and is the perfect addition to any picnic or barbecue. Unfortunately, finding the perfect melon can be a little challenging. We talked to a farmer to get the inside scoop on selecting the perfect watermel

Check the Field Spot:

The field spot is the portion of the watermelon that was in contact with the ground. Every watermelon has one, and they are completely natural. Try to find a watermelon with a field spot that is a beautiful golden or orange-yellow. This is an indication that the melon has spent more time on the vine and has had more of a chance to develop its sweetness.

Check for Webbing:

Webbing is the course, brown, web-like material on the outside of the melon. Webbing occurs when bees pollinate the flower, which scars the membrane on the outside of the fruit. The more webbing you have, the sweeter the melon.

Know the Gender:

Watermelons are either female or male. Male melons tend to be tall and elongated while female melons are short and round. Female melons have a higher sugar content and are sweeter while male melons contain more water.

Size Matters:

When it comes to watermelons, bigger is not always better. Your best bet is an average-sized watermelon. The melon should also feel heavy for its size.

The Tale of the Tail:

The tail or stem end of a watermelon is a good indication of its ripeness. If the tail is still green, the melon was picked too early and will probably be tasteless. For the best flavor, look for a watermelon with a dried tail.

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