PHOTOS: They Thought She Was About To Die, Then THIS Happened…WOW

PHOTOS: They Thought She Was About To Die, Then THIS Happened…WOW

User Imgur purchased a healthy and stout mare. When he brought the horse home and began getting her accustomed to her new surroundings, she suddenly started acting strangely. The new horse was pregnant and ready to fall into labor.

Female horse usually have a voluptuous and round shape, so it is sometimes difficult to tell if they are carrying a special package.

This horse was “bursting” with a wonderful gift for her new owners. After a smooth delivery, the owners were blessed with a new young and healthy filly. In essence, the horse purchase was a two-for-one deal. This December baby was a welcomed addition to the new owners.

Domestic horses are extremely intuitive and understand when they are cared-for by loving owners. Minutes after birth, the mare took a natural liking to her new foal, and nuzzled her as she was inspected by her human caretakers. The mother-to-daughter horse bond was extremely strong, and assisted by the cautious and professional touch of the owners.

Immediately, the new female foal acknowledged her audience and began the job of suckling. Newborn horses are amazing animals that gain full capacity of their long legs soon after being delivered. The tan foal, with a classic white nose stripe, is healthy and reliant on her mother. Two healthy and young female horses are a blessing for human owners who value life’s miracles.

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