PHOTOS: She Thought Her Life Was Over When She Lost Her Job. Then She Discovered THIS. WOW!

PHOTOS: She Thought Her Life Was Over When She Lost Her Job. Then She Discovered THIS. WOW!

A former waitress, who uses the internet name AnticipateSerendipity, recently lost her job due to the restaurant closing down. She saw a young girl painting faces in a local park, and there were kids lined up to pay her five dollars for each job. This sight inspired the former waitress to hone her craft and give it a try.

Several neighborhood children willingly volunteered to allow her to practice on them. She specializes in all kinds of different designs for the enjoyment of the children. Who would have guessed that someone losing their job would inspire such a fun, creative idea? Most people get down in the dumps when they lose their jobs, but this young woman took an entrepreneurial spirit and made the most of an opportunity. Isn’t that what America is all about?

The local parents are happy that their children enjoy the face painting so much. Some of the children come home from their visit to AnticipateSerendipity with tattoos painted on their arms. The parents know these tattoos will wash off, and the joy they bring to the kids is well worth it. The neighborhood is so glad to have a fun, positive role model for the young children.

As for the young entrepreneur, she now refers to herself as a “professional fairy.” How many people can put that kind of title on their resumes? She is happy to have found such a great opportunity when she could have spiraled into stress and depression from losing her previous job. The magic from this opportunity still hasn’t worn off. She’s still painting and putting smiles on faces of children in her area.

The land of opportunity might still exist after all. This young woman had an awesome vision that helped make her wildest and craziest dreams come true.

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