PHOTO: Sarah Palin Mocks Ferguson Tragedy And Obama With THIS Race-Baiting Picture

The political Left loathes Sarah Palin and, despite their professions of support for women, find it acceptable to utter misogynist remarks about her. In fact, it is considered acceptable to disparage her family.

The reason is that Palin is a staunch conservative and people who disagree with political views or feel threatened by her stature among voters resort to ad hominems as a means of refuting her arguments. The thing is that Palin has an undeniable wit and ability to make a point inside of a pithy comment. However, the Left usually responds to her remarks by getting offended.

She recently tweeted a photograph of President Obama in the act of delivering a speech with a comic book-styled comment stating he would be issuing an executive order to substitute the term “looting” with “undocumented shopper”. It was a classic Palin zinger. The comment underscores the broad redefinition of executive authority the president invoked in his amnesty bill. The law allows the president to prioritize the crimes he enforces. It is done under the premise that there are insufficient resources to enforce every infraction of federal law.

That said, President Obama reinterpreted that to mean he can decriminalize the actions of a demographic of people and award them legal status. Her argument is that he can essentially do the same to decriminalize the looting occurring in Ferguson, Missouri, as well. The comments posted to her remark seem to indicate a large number of people are frustrated with President Obama’s arbitrary application of the law.

PHOTO: Sarah Palin Mocks Ferguson Tragedy And Obama With THIS Race-Baiting Picture

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