Photo Of A Stray Goes Viral – Stranger Looks Closer And Uncovers a Stunning Secret

When Pumpkin was first rescued, she was in really bad shape. Not only was her fur badly burnt, but she had been shot with a BB gun. A man took a picture and posted it on Facebook. The man also made jokes about the dog. Fortunately, the photo was recognized by caring people. The rescuers were able to find Pumpkin and get her out of the bad situation.

When the rescuers found Pumpkin, they discovered that she was not alone. She had a newborn puppy, who was also in bad shape. Unfortunately, the puppy did not make it. She was too undernourished and weak.

The rescuers were determined to save Pumpkin. They took her to the vet. The nurses and doctors worked around the clock to save Pumpkin. They gave her medications and surgically remove the bullet from her spine.

After Pumpkin recovered, she was taken to the Corridor Rescue Program. The workers at the Corridor Rescue Program were able to find a wonderful foster mom for Pumpkin. Kelly Williams is Pumpkin’s foster mom.

She stated that she fell in love with Pumpkin instantly. Pumpkin has undergone an amazing transformation. She loves being with her foster mom. She can run around, play and be free.

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