Pervert Targets Little Girl, Creeps Up and Throws Himself On Her. This Teen Steps In

Pervert Targets Little Girl, Creeps Up and Throws Himself On Her. This Teen Steps In

A courageous act by a teenage boy from Boston just might serve to prove that chivalry is not dead and that there are still many things to celebrate about the youth of today.

Heather Cook and her 17-year-old son, Cameron, were going about their shopping at a Boston Target when Cameron spotted a man eyeing a little girl in a way that was inappropriate. The man was apparently drunk and Heather stated that that smell of alcohol was very strong.

Suddenly, the situation went from bad to worse. The man pushed his own body into the small girl. It was at this moment that Cameron decided to take immediate action in a way that would make grown men proud of their own sons. Cameron calmly approached the man and asked if he knew the little girl.

The man was taken aback and immediately began to repeat, “I am not a pervert.” Cameron remained calm and told the man he wasn’t asking him about that. While Heather looked on, Cameron stood his ground in a tense situation despite the fact that the drunk man was much larger. Cook later stated that her son showed no fear during the confrontation.

After being admonished by Cameron to leave the store, the man grudgingly complied amid a stream of expletives. The store was notified and later provided surveillance footage of the incident to local police.

According to Heather, Cameron’s actions were in keeping with his character. She says that Cameron has a willingness to do the right thing and stand up for others.

For his part, Cameron would only say that he was happy to have been there in the girl’s time of need. Indeed, if he had not been there things might have gone a lot worse.

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