Penn Jillette On Working With Trump: “However Bad You Think He Is, He’s Worse.”

The famous Las Vegas magician and television star Penn Jillette was just interviewed by Nick Gillespie on Reason TV. Jillette has been making the media rounds recently promoting his new book Presto!: How I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales, but he also took some time to share some personal stories relating to his experiences with Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump. And the things Jillette said do not bode well for Trump’s image. Jillette, who is best known as a part of the famous magic duo Penn & Teller, will most certainly not be voting for Trump in the upcoming election.

Jillette talked about his experiences with Trump on a season of the TV show Celebrity Apprentice. Jillette actually admitted that Trump is far more of a threat to national security than any normal American suspects. “However bad you think [Trump] is,” Jillette ominously said, “he’s worse.”

One interesting part of this interview was when Jillette admitted that TV officials actually tried to coerce Jillette into supporting a Trump presidential run while on the show. Jillette said that he received a call one night near the final rounds of the Celebrity Apprentice from a Trump official. This official said that Jillette had to support Trump for the presidency. When Jillette refused, the official did not know what to do, and he kept telling Jillette that Trump was thinking of the long term picture.

While on the show, Jillette admitted that he was probably the only person who could tolerate Trump’s abrasive manner. Jillette said that Trump was a very hard person to deal with, and everyone else on the Celebrity Apprentice show did not like him one bit.

However, this does not mean Jillette is enthusiastic about a Clinton presidency. Jillette is officially a libertarian says that he will probably vote for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party in the General Election. When pressed to admit which of the two major candidates he thinks is more intelligent, Jillette said Clinton probably has more experience than Trump and would be a far shrewder negotiator than Trump could ever be.

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