Pastor Who Helped Uganda Create *Murder Gays* Law Will Be Put On Trial. Does He Deserve It?

Pastor Who Helped Uganda Create *Murder Gays* Law Will Be Put On Trial. Does He Deserve It?

In December 2014, controversial Massachusetts pastor Scott Lively lost a court battle to throw out a lawsuit that’s related to his work with the leaders of Uganda in dealing with homosexuals in a criminal manner.

The lawsuit, filed by the Center for Constitutional Rights on behalf of the nascent group Sexual Minorities of Uganda, charges that Lively has been advising the Ugandan government on helping to pass laws dealing with homosexuals. Those laws have since been thrown out by a Ugandan court.

Lively is president of the Abiding Truth Ministries, which has advocated for the criminalization of homosexuality, calling it a personality disorder. He’s also the co-author of a book entitled, The Pink Swastika, which states that homosexuals invented Nazism.

Claiming that anti-gay violence is the work of homosexuals beating each other up, Lively
has also spoken of trying to develop a stronger relationship with Russia. In the past few years, Russian President Vladimir Putin has promoted what many believe to be an anti-gay agenda that borders on persecution.

Lively has also claimed the President Obama is gay and that if the United States Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality, the end of the world will take place in September of 2015 with the arrival of the Antichrist.

Running for Massachusetts governor in November 2014, Lively received 19,000 votes as an independent. He is considering a run for Congress for Democrat Richard Neal’s seat in Congress.

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