Parents Thought Their Kids Were Safe At Daycare. But What Cameras Caught Makes Me SICK

Daycare workers at a popular San Francisco area daycare center was recently caught on camera assaulting children. This leads parents to wonder: how safe are their children at daycare? What would cause a person to treat an innocent preschooler this way?

In the released video, one woman can be seen walking into the room and slamming children into furniture, throwing them to the ground, and hitting them repeatedly. Another teacher in the same class was caught on tape at another point in the day repeatedly hitting one of her young charges. One women has been arrested and charged with multiple crimes; police are still seeking the other.

The person who made these tapes public was the owner of the center. She had recently installed cameras to prevent exactly this kind of behavior. She was horrified to find that her vigilance was needed, and that employees were abusing children. She reports that the two workers had only been employed in her center for a few months.

The owner admits that she is concerned about whether these charges will discredit her business or even drive it to bankruptcy. However, she felt it was important that these incidents be publicized to protect other children from her vicious former employees. Clearly some people still care more about the safety of children than their own bottom line.

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