Parents Shocked by Daughter’s Reaction When They Surprise Her With the Puppy She Asked Santa For

While both children were focused doing their homework on a dining room table, a box is placed next to the table. At first the daughter doesn’t notice the box, but then the puppy starts to emerge from the box.

Imagine her surprise when she first notices the puppy coming out from the open box! She’s at first shocked as she places her hands over her mouth, then lets out a big smile. After a couple of seconds of her smiling she breaks down and starts to cry.

All the while she’s looking at the camera and states over and over, “Thank you!” “Thank you!” This is an amazing show of gratitude towards her parents as tears of joy flow down her face. Her dad then tells her to pick out a name, then as a a family they’ll pick out the name they like the most. Peaches was chosen as the name for the beautiful puppy.

This is worthy of a Rockwell painting. A girl’s surprise at the sight of the puppy she’s always wanted. Her parents planned the event correctly by inconspicuously placing the box containing the precious puppy next to the dining room table. The shock factor alone is worth a million words! Peaches will have a fantastic life with a loving family.

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