Parents Refused Medical Care For Son’s Diabetes, Now Charged With First-Degree Murder

Parents Refused Medical Care For Son’s Diabetes, Now Charged With First-Degree Murder

On May 7, 2013, Alex Radita passed away from bacterial sepsis from complications resulting from the neglect of his diabetes and starvation. Alex died at the age of 15, weighing just 37 pounds. This story is heartbreaking under any circumstances, but especially so when the death is alleged to have occurred due to the parents’ neglect of their child’s condition.

Rodica and Email Radita face first-degree murder charges stemming from allegations that they refused to treat their son’s diabetic condition. This case is the culmination of 12 years in which Alex was continually hospitalized and in one instant removed from his parents’ home as a result of his condition.

Alex was first hospitalized in December 2000, when Alex was just three years old. At the time, his parents refused to accept his medical condition and required training from doctors to treat Alex’s condition before doctors would release him to his parents. He was readmitted to the hospital just three months later. Doctors suspected that Alex’s blood sugar readings were being faked.

After the threat of removal from the home, the Raditas took their son to the doctor several times a week over the course of six months until the doctor transferred offices. At this point, Alex’s supervised treatment was discontinued for a period of three years and after a subsequent hospital visit, the boy was removed from the home for a year by child and family services.

Alex was returned to his parents in 2005 over the objectives of child and family service staff members. This seemed to help temporarily as Alex’s condition was stabilized and in 2008 his file closed.

July 2008 would be the final time the family showed up for a doctor’s visit before moving to Alberta, where his condition worsened until his death in 2013.

Law enforcement officials believe that his death may be religiously motivated based on bible verses found in the family home. The courts will decide the fate of the Raditas based on the evidence presented.

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