Parents Put Their GoPro On Toddler During Hide And Seek – Hilarity Ensues…

It’s hard to climb inside the mind of a toddler and know what he is really thinking, but these parents did just that with the help of a GoPro camera. After strapping a camera to their son, they invited him into a game of hide and seek in which they would hide and their intrepid toddler would attempt to find them – which he did, with a little help from the family dog.

In the video, you can see the toddler roaming around the second floor of the house looking for his missing parents. He is clearly quite bright, as he spends his time opening closed doors and looking behind open ones. He doesn’t waste time searching under beds and in places his parents wouldn’t fit. At one point stops in the hallway and seems to simply spend a few moments really thinking things through.

In the end, the family dog gives the parents away and leads the toddler right to their hiding place in the closet, but even this shows quite a bit of intellectual processing power on the part of our young detective. After all, our young sleuth was smart enough to follow the dog and able to understand the message sent by his own furry Watson.

Worried about the tiny tyke wandering alone while his parents were hidden? Don’t be. They were watching the action live on the GoPro camera’s preview app for mobile phones. This little guy may have thought his parents were missing, but they had eyes on him throughout the game and knew exactly where he was. Unfortunately, their preview video also betrayed the fact that the family dog gave their son a bit of extra help. Looks like somebody may be in the doghouse.

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