Panda Clings To His Favorite Toy – Watch His Paws When They Try To Take It Away From Him

It’s quite common for small children to favor one special toy above all others. For many it’s a blanket, a doll, or a stuffed animal. Once a child chooses their preferred toy, it’s often difficult for them to part with it at bed time, or, for some children, even at any time throughout the day. This specific object can become a source of comfort, peace, and stability in an ever-changing environment.

It seems that quite a few animals also share this characteristic of becoming attached to favorite items. For those of us with pets, we know that many of them have one beloved bone, ball, or other plaything they are loathe to part with on any occasion. However, it would appear that even animals that aren’t pets can be very devoted to certain cherished items, such as this ball that’s being clung to by the cute and cuddly baby panda pictured in this video.

The adorable little panda, named Xiao Liwu, was born in the year 2012 at the San Diego Zoo. At one of his early check ups when he was only a few months of age, we can see this precious panda’s enthusiasm for one particular green ball. Watch how the caretakers struggle to divert his attention away from his prized possession while they attempt to ascertain his weight and measurements. He seems pretty determined not to let that ball out of his grasp or out of his sight for very long! This sweet little panda just won’t settle for any other ball, log, or piece of bamboo when his favorite toy is within reach! I’m sure plenty of us can relate to this kind of scene, either through memories of ourselves, our children, or our pets forming these kinds of bonds with certain objects of devotion.

This video is both darling and delightful to view. Watch it to brighten your day and then SHARE to put a smile on the faces of your friends!

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