Painting Will Confuse The Mind, As You Move Around

There are some pictures that you have probably seen that are confusing. They are optical illusions. You will see one thing while looking at the picture one way and another image while looking at the picture in another way. This is one of those paintings that will play tricks on the mind if you are able to look at it for any length of time.

The painting is one that is included with several others for a British art exhibit. This display is in New York. Some of the paintings and sculptures have a 3-D design. After the sculptures are made, they are painted to give a different perspective to how they appear.

When you look at the image, there are parts that seem like they would be farther away from you, but in reality, they are the closest ones that you can see. There is one painting that is designed so that it looks like it’s following you as you move around the room.

As you look at the painting on the wall, you will see four various doors. These doors are designed with different paint schemes. When you move from one side of the room to another, the doors seem to move with you.

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