‘Our Soul Rotted Away’: TN Republican Leader Resigns – Blasts His Own Party On The Way Out

Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee representative Mark Winslow resigned his position, accusing his party and the state of misusing funds for their own party’s gain. The Trump supporter had some harsh parting words, which he made public on Twitter stating, “Our soul rotted away some time ago.”

Former top Republican official Winslow went on to declare his party irretrievably broken and beyond repair. Winslow feels that the state party has been traveling down a slippery slope for quite some time, “with no consequence of accountability.” He accused the party of moving funds around and distributing state money for their own personal gain, with little regard for policy or rules. Family, friends and favored candidates continue to profit off of the state and no one is held accountable.

Winslow feels his party consists of corrupt politicians who only look out for each other, at the expense of the taxpayer. Wilson points to evidence of appropriating funds towards removing unfavorable candidates that the Republicans oppose. He can no longer stand by and watch the crooked system take his state down that road.

Winslow seems to have found a sense of peace by resigning and bringing fraudulent practices of his party to the forefront. Only time will tell if anything will change.

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