Ordinary Looking Waterslide Has The Most Incredible Innards

Everyone loves a water slide. It is both thrilling and refreshing to slide down a chute and splash into the water below. Some slides are known for being incredibly tall. Other water slides are popular because of their length. However, people don’t often think about what is special about the inside of a water slide. Thankfully, some LED lights have changed that perception!

This amazing water slide is located in Bremerhaven, Germany. The water slide is named the Black Hole. However, there is nothing completely black about this slide. The inside of the slide offers an incredible amount of lighting. There is nothing else like it!

A young man recently decided to share the inside of this amazing water slide with the world. He slid down the slide using a popular video camera. The resulting video he captured is amazing. You will want to book a plane ride straight to Germany to experience the water slide yourself after watching!

One of the most incredible portions of the slide involves sliding straight through dozens of brightly colored neon rings. Afterwards, there is a period of blackness. You then zoom through a collection of dotted lights. It looks like you are literally zooming through outer space! What do you think? Does this type of slide make you excited? Do you think we will start to see more slides like this? It almost seems like an obvious thing to do with tube slides at all water parks. Hopefully, Germany has set an example for water parks everywhere!