Only One Week Since a U.S. Mass Shooting Deadlier Than the London Terror Attack

Only One Week Since a U.S. Mass Shooting Deadlier Than the London Terror Attack

Whenever there is a high-profile terror attack, like the radical jihadist attack in London, it’s easy to understand why it would make more headlines than your average news piece. From presidential tweets to near-constant media coverage, everyone has heard about the London attacks which killed 7 and left many more devastated and afraid.

However, just one week prior to the London terror attack, 8 people were ruthlessly gunned down by a lone shooter whose only motivation was anger toward his estranged wife.

On May 27, a Bogue Chitto sheriff deputy responded to a domestic disturbance complaint at the home of Willie Cory Godbolt. He was arguing with his wife over the custody of their two children.
This seemingly understandable and perhaps common occurrence then took a turn for the violent when Godbolt shot and killed not just the deputy, but three of his estranged wife’s relatives. Not stopping there, he later killed four other innocents, all of whom he was either acquainted with or related to. This, tragically, included an 11-year-old boy.

Though it may seem like it was a sudden burst of violence, Godbolt already had an impressive rap sheet with multiple domestic violence charges. It’s still unclear as to how Godbolt obtained a gun, though he undoubtedly used illegal means.

Sadly, on the same day as the London attack, there were 3 homicides in St. Louis, 3 in Baltimore, 2 in South Carolina, and Alabama, Louisiana, Las Vegas, Georgia, and California each had at least one homicide.

The following Monday, 5 people in Florida were murdered by a former co-worker.
Though these may not be “terror-related”, they shouldn’t be ignored. There are many tragedies here. there are people here, your neighbors, co-workers, students, teachers, cashiers, and executives, that could use your support in their times of need.

While it’s great to be current with global events, don’t let them be your sole focus. Change starts from within, and it’s time we changed our own country for the better.

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