Only 10% Of People Can Find The Two “B”s in This Photo

A popular YouTube video can test how well you see hidden letters, numbers, and symbols in a picture. These types of puzzles are a great way for you to test your observational skills as they require you to notice small details that the eyes often overlook.

Each puzzle is a black screen with a collection of white letters or numbers. At first, all the symbols on the screen appear to be the same. However, each puzzle has one or two symbols that are different from the rest. If you can find them, you either have great eyes or great observational skills. Only about 10 percent of people who take the test can solve every puzzle.

In the first test, you must find two B’s in a collection of R’s. In the next test, you must find one 1 in a collection of I’s. Then, you must find two 6’s in a collection of 9’s. In the last puzzle, you must find two N’s in a collection of M’s.

This eye test video was posted to YouTube in 2012 and has been viewed almost 2.5 million times. It has also been circulating around other sites across the Internet, and many people have been stumped by the puzzles. Because all the letters and numbers are packed tightly together, it can be hard for your eyes to differentiate between all the symbols at first glance, so finding one or two symbols that look different is difficult.

The key is to avoid searching for the hidden letters or numbers and just scan the screen normally. If you’re not scrutinizing the screen for the hidden symbols, your eyes and brain are more likely to notice when something stands out.

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