One of These Twins Dies In Childbirth – Dad Looks At Mom’s Chest And Sees Something UNTHINKABLE

One of These Twins Dies In Childbirth – Dad Looks At Mom’s Chest And Sees Something UNTHINKABLE

After marriage, the dream of every couple is to start a family. David and Kate were no different. As time flew by, the harsh reality settled on them: they were not going to have a baby any time soon. Though it distressed them, they did not give hope that one day, they would hold a baby in their arms.
Having struggled to raise a family, the Ogg couple finally received the good news: Kate was expectant with not one child but twins. However, nothing in their varied experiences as adults had prepared them for what was to happen next. Six months into the pregnancy, Kate went into premature labor. Stark reality hit them squarely when the first twin, already named Jamie, arrived lifeless. What happened next can only be described as a miracle.

Kate refused to let the baby go. Even as the doctor shook his head in despair, the unfortunate mother knew that something had to be done. She held the dead child to her chest and asked her husband to help in giving their lifeless son a warm hug. Little known to them, the unthinkable was about to happen.

As they spoke into the child’s dead ears, with the child held tightly on the mother’s chest, something moved. The boy had come back to life! A hush fell into the room. For a moment, it was as though the world had stopped moving. When the doctor walked in, the realization that the baby who had been pronounced dead on delivery was now breathing hit him like a thunderbolt. So it was true, that miracles do still happen.

Kate had just performed the impossible. There was no denying the mystic power of a mother’s touch. Jamie had sprung back to life. Husband and wife carried their two bundles of joy back home, to retell the incredible story of resurrection countless times, especially to Jamie’s younger sibling.
The other twin, Emily, knows that she has a miracle twin brother. She may not be old enough to understand the implications, but she sure knows her brother was born dead and came back to life in baffling circumstances.

Jamie is clearly a joy to behold in the Ogg family. The father reports that five years down the line, the boy has not had any health or medical problem. He is going to grow into a healthy young man and live to tell the miracle of his survival countless times. He is a walking testimony that miracles do still happen. Check out the video here!

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