One Of Their Babies Was Born Dead, But What Happens When Mom Held Him Is UNBELIEVABLE!!

The birth of a child is supposed to be an exciting time, that is if the child is born safe and sound. Katie and David Ogg were just like every other expecting couple, happy and full of joy. Their world changed when Katie went into premature labor only six-and-a-half months into term.

The couple were ecstatic, but worried, as Katie labored. When she had delivered the twins, the new mother noticed a sudden stillness among the hospital staff members. Doctors asked the couple if they had chosen a name for their son.

“Jamie,” Katie answered.

That is when Katie and David learned that Jamie’s delivery, unlike his sister Emily, had been a stillbirth. The heartbroken couple, who had struggled for years with infertility, scooped Jamie’s lifeless body snug in between them. Kate asked her husband to remove his shirt and the mourning parents held their son close between them.

Katie and David spoke to Jamie about all that he had in life and all that he would be missing. Katie noticed her son’s cold skin. Minutes later, the Oggs felt an odd movement. Jamie was moving. Nursing staff told the couple that it was the effects of their son’s impending death and encouraged Katie and David to say their goodbyes.

The Oggs refused to give up on their son, who opened his eyes moments later.

Jamie was alive. Doctors were marveled at how the tiny boy, born dead, could suddenly come to life with his mother’s touch.

Jamie Ogg’s miraculous survival has never been explained by science.

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